Henan has been suffering prolonged severe droughts with the highest temperature of 40℃ (104° deF). The surface temperature of some regions exceeds 60℃ (140° F).

A video shows the hot weather causing an indoor fan to melt and bend.

Skyscrapers spray water to alleviate the heat caused by drought.

Even the government allows firing water cannons to create artificial rain in Henan.

At the end of the day, the province’s prayer for rain comes true.

On June 21, the Office of the Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters warned of the upcoming heavy rainfall in the province. They also requested related departments to ensure proper response and preventive measures to the weather condition.

The meteorological department forecasts that during the day on June 22, showers, thunderstorms, and heavy rain accompanied by strong winds and hail will batter some counties and cities across the province. 

From the evening of June 22 to 23, the maximum hourly rain intensity can reach 50 – 80 mm per hour.

From the night of June 26 to 29, it is expected to have another large-scale heavy rainfall process in Henan.

In response to this significant round of rainfall, the local government mobilizes rescue forces in advance and organizes the transfer of threatened residents as needed.

In addition, the Office requires that it is also essential to focus on preventing urban waterlogging, mountain torrents, and geological disasters. 

On-duty workers and responsible people are required to be in place, ready to report and respond to emergencies and disasters.

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