On December 9, the top 8 finals of the World Cup in Qatar commenced. FIFA officials have recently updated the list of the latest referee teams. The Chinese referee trio Ma Ning, Cao Yi, and Shi Xiang were not selected. The trip of the Chinese referee team to this World Cup came to an end.

In May this year, FIFA announced the list of referees for the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Chinese referee Ma Ning was selected, and Cao Yi and Shi Xiang were appointed assistant referees. This is the largest number of Chinese referees chosen for the list of World Cup referees.

Ma Ning served as the fourth official six times in the group stage. the Chinese football community is waiting for Ma Ning to referee in the World Cup. Unfortunately, Ma Ning was not selected by FIFA.

According to the World Cup referee’s bonus system, however, Ma Ning will still receive $85,000. 

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