In only one day, July 20, China recorded different kinds of extreme weather nationwide.

While a heat wave had already hit different provinces not long ago, a new wave of high-temperature weather returned on July 20. This extreme weather affects more than 17 provinces and cities, including Zhejiang and Fujian, which may break extreme records. Most areas in the south will continue to have high temperatures until the end of July.

At noon on July 20, a tornado hit many places in Jiangsu province, with a wind force of 15 – 17. By 6 pm, according to preliminary statistics, the tornado had affected over 2,200 people, 26 were injured and one dead. Besides, 650 families had their houses damaged and over 3,700 mu of agricultural areas were harmed. The direct economic losses amount to 65 million yuan (9.6 million dollars).

Jiangsu also suffered a powerful tornado, making roofs overturn and windows blow down. Some villages and towns were razed to the ground, causing heavy losses.

On the same day, a giant sandstorm hit some areas of Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai province. The powerful sandstorm pressed down like a high yellow wall. It swept the earth and devoured everything in its path. The local meteorology station issued several warnings related to the extreme weather. Locals say this is the biggest one in the past ten to twenty years. Sand and dust storms usually dissipate in ten minutes; however, they lasted until 9 pm this time.

From the evening of July 20 to July 21, a blanket of heavy snowfall covered Sunan Yugur Autonomous County, Gansu province. Local herders reported that the snow started to fall on the night of July 20, collapsing their temporary accommodation tents on the mountain. The snow is still falling; by now, it’s 10 centimeters thick. It is extremely rare because it happens on the 3 hottest days of the year in Summer.

July 20 reminds many people of an incident in Zhengzhou city, Henan, last year. 

On this day, 2021, the Kangzhuang Reservoir in Zhengzhou suddenly released floods without warning. As a result, the Zhengzhou Metro Line 5 was flooded, and more than 500 passengers were trapped in the carriages. The Jingguang Tunnel in Zhengzhou was flooded, and hundreds of cars were submerged in the tunnel. The death toll from that flood remains a mystery up to now.

After a year, not only China’s official media has kept completely silent about the flood disaster, but also people are prohibited from offering flowers on the anniversary.

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