More than a week after Shanghai announced that it would slowly lift Covid pandemic control measures, some residents have been able to enter the streets and go shopping for a designated time period. 

Even if there is a limited time and certain conditions, at least they have been able to go out after arduous weeks of the citywide lockdown.

However, according to recent footage, the partial reopening may have left out the group of foreigners. Depressed and behind closed doors, watching others moving outside of their compound, they are in an extreme situation and may need psychological support. 

According to Reuters, Shanghai residents had been condemning uneven rules since the announcement of a slow reopening on May 16. Despite how the state media describe it, some neighborhoods only saw more tightened restrictions issued by the lower-level officials.

Not all communities in China’s financial hub are allowed to go out at certain times. Some received zero notice for going out.

One homeowner told Reuters that people in his neighborhood agreed to walk out in groups on WeChat, a Chinese social media platform.

He recalled one of his neighbors who said, “Let’s strike at our gate tonight to demand that we be allowed to go out like many of the other compounds in the neighborhood.”

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