The pandemic in the mainland has become more serious and has spread to at least 29 provinces. Harsh containment policies have been implemented and even inhumane methods have been adopted.

On August 26, a rural secretary in mainland China claimed on the village loudspeaker that if a case is found in the village, he will bury that person alive.

In the video posted on the internet, a high-pitched horn in a village was ringing.

The secretary said, “I’ve heard that there is a case in our village… let me say this, I led all the villagers to bury you alive immediately. You can’t harm our village. Don’t worry. I can do what I say.”

It is currently impossible to verify which part of the mainland the video shows.

A netizen said: “It’s terrible; mutual harm has begun.” 

The chained man

Sanya, Hainan, is now a “chain man” imprisoned for going out to buy food because he was too hungry.

A picture in a message posted on the internet on August 25 showed a man in black pants standing by a bed, holding a bottle of water, barefoot, with an iron chain around his feet, and the other end of the chain was secured to the leg of the bed. There are also people dressed in protective clothing standing by the bed.

In an online forum, netizen “Inch Chuan” from Hainan said: “What happened was: I was pulled to the isolation room in Sanya and told to wait for lunch at 3:40 pm. My eldest brother was too hungry and went to buy food, and then…”

Tong Sheng Tong Yu, a netizen from Gansu, said: “Oh, my God, did the chain girl inspire them?”

Many netizens expressed anger and said, “The Communist Party has never regarded the people as human beings.” 

Being beaten in front of daughter for not wearing a mask

In addition, it was reported on the internet that Zhuozhou, Hebei, was silent due to the pandemic. In the middle of the night on August 25, a man forgot to wear a mask while driving. He was dragged out of the car by an pandemic prevention officer wearing a red band and he was slapped and beaten in front of his daughter. 

Netizen “P” said: “People with a little humanity will not insult their parents in front of children. Because a child’s self-awareness is not fully formed, and the sense of parent-child boundary is not clear enough, it is very easy to empathize and substitute for the role of adults. Also, children will think that it is not only their parents who are being insulted but them as well. Without psychological counseling, this sense of humiliation may last a lifetime.”

Chongqing citizens: on public trial for playing mahjong

It was reported that on August 23, many people in Qingmuguan, Shapingba District, and Chongqing were put on public trial for playing mahjong and having a fun time during the pandemic. The video shows that the crowd watched the scene, several men and women were detained by the police, and radio speakers were also blaring.

An elderly gentleman kneeling

Another video showed an elderly man without a nucleic acid certificate kneeling and begging for release circulating on the internet. On August 25, at the inspection office in a Nanchang, Jiangxi province bus station, a senior with a helpless expression. He was carrying a large bag and a small package on his back, kneeling and begging the staff. It is suspected that the man was not allowed to enter the station without a “nucleic acid certificate” or a green code. The  man doesn’t have a mobile phone and doesn’t know what to do!

It’s been three years since the start of the pandemic in the mainland and authorities have exercised extreme control in residential areas. Facing the current situation, Chen Guangcheng, a blind Chinese rights lawyer who now lives in the United States, told Radio Free Asia, “For the CCP’s minions and accomplices, helping the CCP maintain stability or manage the people cannot only taste the pleasure of using power, but also steal sheep and rob the people in a ‘legal’ cloak without being investigated by the law. For them, why not do it?”

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