After the Dutch media exposed the presence of undercover Chinese police stations in ᷾Amsterdam and Rotterdam, many victims confirmed their harassment. To lure the victims, the underground cop lies and hacks personal media accounts.

A 21-year-old dissident named Wang Jingyu revealed his story to the public. Wang went to the Netherlands to seek asylum. He told RTLnieuws that since February this year, he has received many calls from people claiming to be Chinese “overseas service stations” in Rotterdam, asking him to return to China.

Wang said the person pretended to be a rich man and was supportive of dissidents at first. He told VOA, “He wanted to give me some money to support me and to meet him outside near the central station in Rotterdam.”

But when Wang ignored the man, he kept making calls and revealed that he was from the China Overseas Police Service Station.

The Telegram accounts of several key members of the Netherlands-based China Democracy Party was hacked recently. Li Fang, a party member in Finland, told VOA that the incident led to the classified documents leakage.

At the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference in April this year, Xi said that China is willing to propose global security initiatives.

Chen Daoyin, a political living in Chile, said it is reasonable to set up public agencies abroad from Beijing’s perspective. Chen believes that Beijing intends to promote its security concept to the international community through police cooperation and other forms.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that China did not inform the establishment of the service station through diplomatic channels and described the move as illegal. The authorities added that it would respond appropriately after an investigation and study providing protection to harassed Chinese citizens.
On October 27, after China caused an international uproar of setting up a public security office in the Netherlands, the Irish government asked China to close the “Fuzhou Police Overseas Chinese Affairs Overseas” in Dublin.

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