Recently, the Ecological Environment Bureau posted on Weibo that a chemical company in Henan emitted an unpleasant odor, causing nearby villagers to vomit. The case caught people’s attention, and one of the comments claimed that the plant’s infrastructure had long degraded.

On September 18, the bureau revealed the latest investigation on Weibo. Many people have complained that Jiyuan Fangsheng Chemical Company is generating an awful smell that makes those close by throw up.

After investigating, authorities discovered that the exhaust valve of Fangsheng Chemical’s liquid chlorine tanker was leaking.

According to the announcement, the leak has been fixed, and those who are unwell have been sent for treatment.

The incident immediately caused a stir among netizens. The account named Happy De Meatballs stated that the indiscriminate release of toxic gas is not something that happens in a day or two. The person then questioned the government’s responsibility to solve the problem and truly take care of the lives and health of its citizens.

Among the comments was an account named Disturbing 2 that claimed to have worked in the factory. The individual revealed that there are too many highly toxic substances. Most of the pipes in the factory are aging and are only repaired when accidents occur.

All the workers run for their lives when there’s a chlorine leak carrying green smoke. He explained that this toxic gas smell was heavy and made it hard to breathe. Gas explosions often occur in the factory, and this kind of leak occurs daily.

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