China’s strict epidemic prevention and control measures have promoted the development of home appliance industries such as refrigerators and freezers. Recently, a woman in Chengdu posted a video showing her 11 refrigerators during the pandemic.

The video shows the woman opening refrigerator after refrigerator to get a variety of foods in different rooms.

The woman said, “I have three rooms in total, 500 sq.m, of which there are two connected, one for me and my husband, one for my parents, one for my children and “It’s. The house has been lived in for 20 years, and the elderly can’t bear to throw anything away, so we can only buy more refrigerators to store food.” Currently, there are 11 refrigerators in total.”

She said, during the pandemic, there were so many refrigerators that there was no shortage of food, but it cost a bit of electricity.

A lively discussion ensued on the internet. Epoch Times quoted some comments:

  • “It’s a pity that the house is so big, but they make a mess!;
  • “This is obviously an indoor food market!;
  • “It feels like living in a warehouse;
  • “Didn’t Chengdu previously say cut off the electricity for half a month? The 11 refrigerators’ food didn’t rot, huh?;
  • “During the pandemic, the daily necessities hoarding is the same across the country. My family originally had a two-door refrigerator, but my mother said it was not enough so she went out to buy it herself. Since then, both refrigerators are always full.”

Chengdu city, in Sichuan province, is a large city with a population of more than 21.19 million. It has suffered from severe heat, drought, and floods in the past few weeks. In August, the power cuts lasted for half a month. Then due to the pandemic outbreak, on Sept. 1, the city entered a lockdown state.

Strict epidemic prevention measures due to the Zero Covid policy have been applied in many places, spurring the development of home appliance industries such as refrigerators and freezers.

NetEase reported on Aug. 11 that the person in charge of GOME company’s washing machine and refrigerator product line stated that sales of refrigerators with capacities of 201L and 303L increased the fastest this year. Last summer, about 80 units were sold each month, but sales in the same period this year exceeded 200 units.

According to a previous report by Yicai, thanks to the “June 18 Shopping Festival” promotion, sales of refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, and other large home appliances have increased significantly and performed well in the offline home appliances market, where overall sales fell by more than 10%.

According to the data comprehensive solution service provider Aowei Cloud Network (AVC), from June 6 to 12, sales of other home appliances were very poor. Still, sales of refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, and other offline items increased sharply this year.

AVC’s research report entitled “Development opportunities and consumption trends of the refrigerator and freezer market by national stockpile” shows that the home appliances market was at a minimum in the first quarter of this year. However, market demand for refrigerators and freezers has increased sharply, and freezer sales have even “skyrocketed.”

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