American scholar, He Qinglian, wrote an article in The Epoch Times on Jan. 25 that Xi Jinping uses foreign media to send threats to the Jiang Zemin–Zeng Qinghong faction.

He Qinglian’s article breaks down “Deng Xiaoping’s 30 Years Tour to the South,” a series of articles recently published on Duowei News.

Douwei is a Chinese-language news outlet established in New York with headquarters in Beijing. According to Radio France Internationale in 2018, the site has been accused of having a pro-Beijing viewpoint and promoting the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda. 

The “Deng Xiaoping’s 30 Years Tour to the South” articles from Douwei indirectly name-calls those leaders who supported the opening policy. 

Douwei also uses this series to elevate Jiang Zemin’s corruption issue into political rulings problems.

The series from Douwei is well in line with Xi Jinping’s leading direction at the moment. 

He Qinglian said that since Xi Jinping came to power, Duowei’s attitude towards Jiang has changed. At that time, Douwei intended to protect Jiang Zemin’s family. But now, it has published a series of articles to raise Jiang’s accountability on China’s current situation. 

Yuan Hongbing: Xi Jinping pushes new strategy

Yuan Hongbing, a well-known jurist in Australia, disclosed in an interview with a Chinese media outlet on Jan. 26 that, according to insiders, after the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee in November last year, the Xi Jinping faction made a big mistake in denying both Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin. As a result, the chance of both Deng and Jiang Zemin’s unification to go against Xi has become a concern. 

Based on the series of articles from Douwei, Yuan Hongbing suspects that Xi has made a new strategy. Yuan said that the Xi faction readjusted its approach, that is, to separate Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin politically before the 20th National Congress. 

The specific plan is that the propaganda mouthpieces of the entire CCP, including the large-scale external propaganda that the pro-Xi Jinping forces have mastered, began to point out that Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour speech in 1992 aimed at Jiang Zemin.

Duowei’s article disclosed the details of Jiang Zemin’s internal struggles after he came to power in 1989. “The Game of Two Forces Before and After the Southern Talks” article published on Jan. 24 placed Jiang Zemin in political opposition to Deng Xiaoping’s reform and opening-up line for the first time. It mentioned Jiang chose to side with Deng Xiaoping only after Deng rolled out the ‘Reform and Opening’ policy successfully. 

There are three main groups of Communist members considered as Xi’s opponents. They are Deng Xiaoping, the Princelings, and Jiang Zemin. Deng and Jiang are always on the other side for the leading policy choices against Xi. The Princelings are the second-generation politicians who supported and promoted Xi Jinping. They share power with Xi until Xi brings the Communist party under his dominant control. 

Yuan Hongbing said that now Xi Jinping is ready to change his strategy to prevent the three forces from forming a group. But it remains to be seen whether Xi can make some compromises to other princelings and powerful families.

Hu Ping: Factions play the card of reform and opening up against Xi

In the same interview, Hu Ping, a scholar based in the United States and the honorary editor-in-chief of “Beijing Spring,” said that Xi’s competitors are not unified and are divided into groups.

The opponents are using the same cards of “Reform and Opening.” They tried a few articles expressing displeasure with the new regulations of the lifetime presidency that Xi has recently passed. 

Hu Ping said, “They have opposed Xi Jinping many times, and each time the result is that Xi Jinping’s power continues to increase. Because those who oppose Xi Jinping are not in power, Xi Jinping is in power.”

Hu added Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinghong helped Xi Jinping up when he came to power. They regret that now, as Xi turned around to compete with his supporters. 

In addition, Hu said that Jiang is no longer clear-headed, and Xi Jinping is more likely to put Zeng Qinghong under strict surveillance at home. 

“You can’t hear the voices of these elders for so many years, no photos, no videos. Their behavior is always under surveillance.”

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