It’s been more than 30 years since the pro-democracy protests were brutally suppressed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Tiananmen Square. Now, for the first time, the Chinese people have the courage to stand together in the “White Paper Revolution” against CCP policy.

The revolution shows that the Chinese can no longer tolerate the CCP’s “zero-COVID” policy as well as other CCP policies that are devastating China’s economy and making their lives intolerable.

Commenting on Xi Jinping’s situation in an interview with Business Insider columnist Linette Lopez, Minxin Pei, a political scientist at Claremont McKenna College, said, “This is Xi’s first real test.”

Pei added, “The choices are very hard, and he’s not been faced with such a tough challenge in the last decade.”

Lopez commented that currently, Xi has no way of convincing the Chinese people to continue to believe in his leadership.

Lopez said that the lackluster growth outlook in recent years leaves Xi with little ability to improve the economy and distract people from growing political unrest.

Pei said that in the face of pressure from the people, Xi often relies on what dictators often do: More repression to stay in power. This is also what Xi did in Hong Kong.

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