Recently, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has relaxed epidemic prevention measures. It is a somewhat unexpected move since, for three years, the CCP demonstrated consistency with the “zero-COVID” policy based on lockdown.

According to Creaders, based on information he received in China, Yuan Hongbing, a jurist living in Australia, revealed to the press on December 13 the reasons behind the CCP’s move.

The first reason is the suggestion that Li Qiang, a confidant of Xi, will soon become prime minister.

Li Qiang told Xi Jinping that, by 2023, the WHO could officially declare that COVID was no longer a pandemic.

So if China continues to pursue a “zero-COVID” policy based on lockdown, it will isolate itself and become the world’s laughing stock.

According to Yuan Hongbing, what Li Qiang meant was that before the WHO declared that COVID had become a common disease, China needed to abandon the zero-COVID policy quickly.

Second, the CCP’s zero-COVID policy has heavily affected the Chinese economy, and local financial resources are on the verge of bankruptcy.

Yuan said that if the CCP relies on printing a lot of money to get through the financial crisis, it will face hyperinflation.

Yuan Hongbing added the CCP will not publicly declare to abandon the zero-COVID policy but will quietly abandon lockdowns.

Yuan warned that the CCP’s sudden abandonment of the zero-COVID policy, without an official declaration, would spread the disease, leading to a more serious social crisis and loss of lives.

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