Since 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping has always sat on the “Dragon Chair,” the seat reserved for the King in history, when meeting the Chief Executive of Hong Kong in Zhongnanhai.

However, according to RFA, on December 23, when meeting Hong Kong Chief Executive Lee Ka-Chiu, Xi was no longer seen sitting on the “Dragon Chair.”

According to analysts, this shows that Xi Jinping has de-escalated. He is under pressure and fears dissatisfaction with him inside and outside the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

RFA also shared a detail, in previous meetings with the chief executive of Hong Kong, Xi often had two cups of tea in front of him. But meeting Lee this time, there was only a cup of tea in front of Xi.

Xia Ming, a political science professor at the City University of New York, commented that Xi Jinping’s style shows that he enjoys flaunting power.

Xi has built himself an imperial style, like a world-class leader. He likes to sit on the “Dragon Chair” and hold the “Dragon cup” used by the emperors of China throughout history.

According to Professor Xia Ming, Xi’s ” style ” change has become more modest because he is facing a number of crises, including criticism from within and outside the CCP for his policies and pressure from the West.

Historian Wei Jingsheng, chairman of the Joint Conference of the Overseas Democratic Movement of China, also shares the same view as Professor Xia.

Wei said that Xi had “bitten off” his conscience at the criticism of him. And showing some changes is Xi’s way of reducing the pressure on him.

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