Recently, Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory employees fled the chaos in pandemic prevention work. To stabilize the situation, Foxconn announced on November 1 that employees’ daily attendance incentive bonus would increase from $14 (100 yuan) to $56.

According to Reuters, Foxconn employees who work more than 25 days in November can receive bonuses of up to $696 (5,000 yuan), up from a maximum of $209 a month ago. In addition, employees who “do their best” in November, including giving up vacations, can receive a bonus of over $2,088 for the month.

A Foxconn employee told Reuters she quit because what the employees had been through was “extremely horrible,” but some still decided to stay due to the large bonus.

The CCP’s “zero-COVID” policy requires immediate lockdown and control measures as soon as a positive case occurs. A report quoted a person familiar with Foxconn Zhengzhou, who said that the company had to comply with Chinese Communist Party (CCP) guidelines and regulations on pandemic prevention. However, the company’s management had let down their guard, causing employees to fall into a tragic situation.

According to Sound of Hope, Chen Wenjia, Director of the National Research Center of Kainan University, Taiwan, said that the “zero-COVID” policy is pressing people to the point that they cannot breathe, “Of course, Foxconn cannot be exempted from the “zero-COVID” policy. No matter how much money or effort they take, they cannot keep the employees from fleeing.”

General Yu Zongji, former dean of the School of Politics and War at Taiwan National Defense University, believed the fact that Li Qiang, who carried out the lockdowns and extreme control measures in Shanghai, and soon to take office as prime minister is the main reason why the public at home and abroad is very interested in and concerned about this case. “Because it is widely seen that the result of extreme control measures is extreme distrust and insecurity among the population,” he said.

A video of the eight people’s deaths in “Room 726” in a Foxconn worker dormitory is believed to be why the workers fled. However, Foxconn responded on the evening of November 1 that the relevant video had been maliciously edited, and there were no deaths on the Zhengzhou campus. 

Yu Zongji pointed out that the CCP claims its system is superior to Western democracies in pandemic prevention, and the Foxconn case has shown the exact opposite. “China is currently strictly controlling speech; it can be seen that the main cause of confusion this time is that the media and officials do not report the latest situation.”

Yu Zongji said that Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory is the main production base for the iPhone 14. Therefore, the reduction in shipments will have a global impact, and the emergency closure of Disney Shanghai will reduce the confidence of foreign companies investing in China. “This is bound to cause a crisis of foreign capital withdrawal. This is what we can predict,” Yu said.

Chen Wenjia said that in addition to controlling the pandemic and the disappearance of China’s demographic dividend, Beijing’s confrontation with the United States also makes China’s situation increasingly difficult. “According to the chess game between the United States and China, the United States is encircling (the CCP) in three strategic areas of military, diplomatic, and even economy. Of course, many liberal democracies are now separating from or fleeing from China. Under the current global anti-CCP wave, China has now gradually turned from the world’s factory and market into the world’s hell.”

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