Since August, sustained high temperatures caused water levels to drop and rivers to stop flowing. The expert believes that many reservoirs and flaws in the Chinese regime’s model of water control are the main reasons for the drought in the Yangtze River.

According to a report from the China Meteorological Department, since July, many provinces and cities along the Yangtze River Basin have continued to experience little rainfall and extremely high temperature. This caused the water level of the Yangtze River to drop drastically, which is rare in history.

One photographer said, ‘We have lived by the river since we were young, and this has never happened. It’s terrible!’

In an interview, Ji from Wuhan said that this only happened in previous years in winter. He has never witnessed this in his lifetime.

According to the Chongqing water conservancy system’s work scheduling meeting for anti-drought and water supply work held on August 18, the inflow of rivers sharply decreased, 66 rivers stopped flowing, and 25 reservoirs in the city dried up.

Wang Weiluo, a well-known water conservancy expert, said on August 23 that climatic conditions influence drought in the Yangtze River region. However, human influence is the leading cause.

He analyzed that beyond the influence of the lack of rainfall and the high temperature, the construction of many reservoirs in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River led to a decrease in water volume.

He said, ‘The construction of a large number of reservoirs has caused the annual flow of the Yangtze River to decrease by 11 percent. If we talk about it specifically, in Yichang, the Three Gorges, it has decreased by nearly 40 billion cubic meters.’

He gave an example. In the past, Beijing mainly relied on the Yongding River for water supply, and after the Chinese regime built around 500 reservoirs, the flow disappeared.

He added, ‘Every time a reservoir is built, it will increase the evaporation, and the river flow will run out. These are human influences.’

On August 16, the Yangtze River Water Conservancy Commission issued a dispatch order to dispatch the Three Gorges Reservoir to supply about 500 million cubic meters of water to the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

According to Wang Weiluo, China now relies on reservoirs to control the water flow of rivers. Following this model, all the reservoirs ran out of water in June due to the Chinese government’s belief that there would be floods and rainfall in June, July, and August. This is mismanagement that leads to this year’s drought.

He also pointed out that after the establishment of the Three Gorges, the rainfall in the Three Gorges reservoir area decreased by 10%, and when the Three Gorges released water, the water went from the deep layer. It took cold water and left the hot water on top. The “big air conditioning” effect of the Three Gorges Project does not make sense.

Wang said, “It is boiling this water and then leaving the boiling water in your house, it is taking the water from the deep layer. So much so that many rare fish in the Yangtze River are now dead, the Yangtze River white sturgeon died out. If the fish in the Yangtze River cannot live, how do you think it will be?”One Netizen commented, ‘Is the Three Gorges an air conditioner or a fire river?’

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