Chancellor Olaf Scholz will visit China on November 4. Scholz will be the first G-7 head of state to visit China since the COVID-19 outbreak.

The visit of the German leader is notable because it comes after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) just closed its 20th Congress and Xi Jinping has assumed his third term.

In addition, Scholz’s visit was controversial. Because recent developments showed that the U.S. and the West were in the process of decoupling from China. After the CCP was accused of hiding information causing COVID-19 to spread around the world, as well as the Chinese regime not improving its condemned human rights record and its other ugly behavior.

Scholz’s visit is also seen as a surprise because observers previously believed his government would be different from that of former Chancellor Angela Merkel, which had close ties to China’s regime.

According to the Finacial Times, the director and CEO of the German Council on Foreign Relations, Guntram Wolff, suggests that Scholz must do three things during his visit.

First, when he meets with Xi, Scholz must make the CCP’s top leaders understand that it is necessary to have a clear position in relation to Moscow. The German chancellor must point out the consequences that the regime will suffer if it supports Russia in the war with Ukraine.

Second, the Chinese regime has been forcing companies in the EU to invest in China to transfer technology. Therefore, Scholz should tell CCP leaders that Germany will be firm and united with EU members against this coercive policy.

Third, Scholz needs to tell German business leaders traveling with him that they will continue to do business with China but must reduce their dependence on this country’s market.

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