A Chinese Communist Party (CCP) nuclear-powered submarine was spotted in a satellite photo sailing on the surface while crossing the Taiwan Strait on Nov. 29.

Yao Cheng, a former CCP navy official, said that the CCP’s submarine is unlike any real nuclear submarine.

Analysis shows that this is just a clumsy simulated submarine. It surfaced in the Taiwan Strait because of an embarrassing accident rather than a deliberate action.

Echoing the Chinese navy veteran, former U.S. Navy captain Carl Schuster told CNN: “An SSBN on the surface is all but unheard of.”

“This may suggest a hull or engineering problem that requires a major shipyard to investigate and fix,” said Schuster, who is also a former director of operations at the U.S. Pacific Command’s Joint Intelligence Center.

China delivered a message on this issue via the WeChat account of the Global Times. The CCP’s official mouthpiece said that the nuclear submarine Type 094 passed through the Taiwan Strait, where the depth averages 60 meters. However, the shallow area of ​​the strait is only 10 meters deep, and the underwater terrain is complex. Meanwhile, the displacement of the Type 094 submarine is nearly 10,000 tons, which is too large, so the submarine was forced to surface to cross the strait.

But Yao Cheng denounced this kind of explanation of the Global Times. In an interview with “Watch China,” the expert said that the nuclear submarine would not sail on water due to its need to maintain security.

Yao said that no particular situation would force it to emerge. China’s nuclear submarines cannot be repaired in Yalong Bay. They need to be repaired at the Huludao Bohai Shipyard or repaired at the naval test base in Huludao. Otherwise, it would not operate openly in the Taiwan Strait. In the military, this is taboo.

The expert explained that although the Taiwan Strait is too shallow, the submarine can travel from the east of Taiwan. It is usual for nuclear submarines to enter the Pacific Ocean, and it is not a problem to come from east of Taiwan. If this submarine is good and can go under the sea, it will not emerge from the surface in the Taiwan Strait.

Asked if the CCP’s nuclear submarines have actual combat capability, Yao Cheng replied that the CCP’s aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines still have some combat effectiveness, but there are efficiency problems.

Due to the Western countries’ arms embargo against the CCP, the Communist Army’s equipment is fake. The CCP cannot undertake research and development on its own because it costs a lot of money and requires technical strength that the CCP could not have.

Yao said that the nuclear submarine Type 094 had many failures, so the CCP is currently building the Type 096 at the Bohai shipyard. He said the rumors that the nuclear submarine passing through the Taiwan Strait posed a threat to Taiwan is an unreliable conjecture.

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