Recently, the pandemic situation in Guangzhou has been really  heating up. The number of infections announced is high. Many districts in Guangzhou have started lockdowns. Residents are worried about a big city closure.

On November 10, a video on Twitter recorded a medical staffer in Guangzhou crashing and crying. Ju Xingmao, the person who uploaded the video, said that the Douyin official had deleted the video.

In the video, a female nurse in Longtan Village, Haizhu District, cried during the call. She said, “If we continue like this, our medical staff will really be unable to hold it.” Every day she is tired and feels like she is on the verge of collapse.

Haizhu District is the hardest-hit area in Guangzhou. From November 9, the adjacent Liwan and Panyu districts have also implemented lockdowns.

The prolonged lockdown has resulted in insufficient maintainance of supplies. Protests have continued.In Kangle Village, Haizhu District, angry residents confronted several pandemic personnel. A video also shows that Guangzhou citizens protested in order to work and eat.

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