On April 25, Dandong City, Liaoning Province, implemented the lockdown for its more than 2 million residents.

Since then, residents of Dandong have been confined to their homes and have had to take daily nucleic acid tests. There are few options for basic necessities.

Unable to endure the long-term lockdown, frustrated residents have taken to the street to protest.

Several online videos show that there are many Dandong residents gathered together in many communities and demand the lockdown to be lifted.

The same scene happened in another community. Residents gathered at the gate of the community to demonstrate, chanting: “Unlock”

Some residents of the community took down the iron fence and walked out of the community. [Video 0:16-0:34]

Some even lifted the barricades on their own.

In another community, people protested, they held banners and shouted slogans together.

One community resident also expressed his grievances to epidemic prevention and control staff by the other side of the railing.

[0:35-0:39] all my bank cards are zeroed already

[0:41- 0:47] my mother called me in the morning and said “don’t get angry,” my mother would pay me two months’ mortgage.

The man then added that he was over 40 years old and had never asked his family for money. His old mother felt ill at home and he asked who would take care of her.

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