On the evening of December 14, at a construction site in Huiji District, Zhengzhou, Henan, an excavator driver, commonly known as a “woodpecker,” killed a worker at the construction site and severely damaged a car. This person was then shot dead by police.

video on the internet shows the suspect swinging the excavator’s mechanical arm in a circle and destroying a nearby car. Then police fired over 20 gunshots before the excavator stopped.

NetEase quoted residents nearby saying that the excavator had been spinning for an hour, and seven or eight cars and some electric vehicles parked by the road were damaged. The motive for the crime is still unknown, and police are investigating.

A citizen left a message under related news: “The cause must be related to claiming for a salary;” and “The man involved in the incident was a migrant worker working on the subway. Because he was not paid enough, he drove an excavator and destroyed two cars at the entrance to the subway station.”

On December 15, Han, a Zhengzhou resident, expressed sympathy for the dead excavator driver. He told Sound of Hope: “Anyway, people won’t do anything like that without reason.”

Sound of Hope quoted people saying that the police were overdoing it when enforcing the law: “Just shoot him dead like that? Was he intentionally or unintentionally starting the vehicle and didn’t know how to stop? Was it too hasty or the news didn’t tell the whole story?”

Another said: “Dozens of policemen can’t subdue a suspect who has nothing but an excavator? However, it is possible to fire at non-lethal parts, eliminating the possibility of the criminal doing further harm. How could you not do that? Moreover, why this driver is crazy about destroying the car is still unknown.”

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