A former U.S. fighter pilot was arrested in Australia. The move came the same week the UK warned about the Chinese regime’s recruitment of military pilot trainers.

According to Reuters, the Australian Federal Police, acting in response to a U.S. request for his arrest, detained pilot Daniel Edmund Duggan, 54, in a rural area of the state of New South Wales in October.

On November 4, his lawyer stated that Duggan had interacted with Australian intelligence agencies after traveling from China to Australia.

The U.K. government issued a rare warning regarding China’s hiring of former British military pilots the same week as Duggan’s arrest on October 21.

U.S. authorities have yet to provide further details and the charges are still unknown. The Australian government has acknowledged Duggan was detained at Washington’s request.

His lawyer, Dennis Miralis said outside the court, “He denies having breached any U.S. law, any Australian law, any international law.”

An independent oversight office, the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security (IGIS), refused to comment on the matter.

Miralis told media outside the court that Duggan had returned from China “a few weeks prior to his arrest and in the intervening period a number of interactions occurred with those agencies that the inspector-general of intelligence has the capacity to investigate.”

His lawyer added that the case was to continue on November 28. Duggan will be transferred to a maximum security prison, without seeking bail.

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