A Twitter account called Archives of China’s Tragedy [Old Issue] on October 31 reported that not only Zhengzhou Foxconn but also the Tibetan people of Golmud, Tibet had begun to flee for fear of the pandemic as there is no food!

The post mentioned that half of the people left several days earlier, and two days ago, another third of the people continued leaving.

Many pay the high-priced bus tickets because the government does not recognize airfare and train tickets.

The poster says that too many people are trapped in Golmud.

While Golmud is very cold, for the motorcyclists, it would be even colder.

The news says that after more than two months locked up in Lhasa, “I am finally gone, and I still have to bear the brunt of these crimes.”

Another added that the checkpoint did not allow people on foot to pass, so they had to walk another 50km by road to get out of Golmud.

There is one man named Sun Island who also traveled with his four cats.

As for people in their cars, the car doors are kept closed to avoid contracting COVID, and they wore masks throughout the whole journey.

The news said people do not take off their masks even when they sleep.

The pandemic pressures people to the extent that they don’t drink water or even go to the toilet.

Suffering both physically and mentally, they leave Golmud, Tibet. Their minds are filled with fears about this invisible pandemic.

Another commented that when you see someone kneeling, it’s just asking for strength to get up and keep going.

The post says that they deserve to be called people who are on the way back to reclaiming their good nature.

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