Zhu Huimin, former chairman of the China Everbright Industry Group—which specialized in investment mangement services—is prosecuted for accepting bribes, illegally granting loans and corruption since last year.

After months, China’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) and the State Supervision Commission (SSC) released details of his case for the first time on February 12th. 

The previous official announcement about Zhu only revealed that he concealed the migration of his spouse and children. He faced charges for four crimes, including bigamy. 

According to the latest update, an internal audit found that during his time as party secretary and president of Everbright Bank’s Shenzhen office, Zhu Huimin allowed the issuance and development of non-performing loan business totaling millions of dollars. CCDI directed the inspection team.

As Sina News reported, a preliminary investigation discovered that Zhu Huimin illegally granted loans while working in China Everbright Bank. During his work in China Everbright Bank and China Everbright Industry, he received more than 30 million yuan (over 7.71 US dollars) from four client companies through his relatives. 

The officials accused him of accepting villas of more than 40 million yuan worth, or around 6.28 US dollars. Zhu was making massive economic exchanges with business owners.

The investigation on Zhu took five months. The authorities acted simultaneously in 4 provinces and apprehended ten people involved within 2 hours. 

The task force members said a prominent feature of Zhu Huimin’s case is the tight interweaving violations in activities relating to investment and commercial operations. It was complicated enough for them to extract evidence of his misdeed.

They said Zhu received vast sums of bribery through the guise of legal investment with the companies involved. 

He took use of his position of power by professionally running loans, financing, and investing procedures under the appearance of compliance and legality, engaging hundreds of relatives on his behalf and approximately 1,000 clandestine fund accounts with complicated financial links.

Zhu was also guilty of using public funds to buy and consume Moutai, a luxurious alcohol brand. He engaged in illegal business operations, using power to seek benefits for relatives, interfering with engineering projects, and taking advantage of the position to occupy the public property.

Who is Zhu Huimin?

Zhu Huimin was born in November 1966 in Fugou county of China’s east-central Henan province.

In January 2000, Zhu Huimin joined China Everbright Bank Zhengzhou Branch and served as the branch president, branch party committee member, president assistant, and vice president.

In January 2005, 39-year-old Zhu became Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Fuzhou Branch. Two years later, he was transferred to Shenzhen Branch, serving as Party Secretary and President.

In November 2014, Zhu rose to Secretary of the Party Committee of China Everbright Industry Group. In May 2015, he was appointed as the general manager. In June 2018, he became the chairman and general manager of the company and the director-general of the Ecological and Environmental Protection Division of China Everbright Group.

China’s CCDI and SSC opened an investigation into Zhu in September 2020.

He was prosecuted in March 2021. 

In terms of bigamy charges, prosecutors alleged that Zhu had lived with different women in the name of husband and wife for a long time while having a marriage license with another.

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