The upcoming 20th National Party Congress taking place next month is a very important event for Chinese leaders. As the event gets closer, China’s infamous Zero COVID-19 measure has become tighter. To achieve the Zero- COVID goal, as long as any community finds a single COVID case, the whole area will be immediately locked down.

However, even anti-epidemic staff cannot freely travel out of a locked down community. 

A video recently posted on Twitter showed a conflict between a man and a female COVID medical worker guarding a locked-down community in DaQing city. 

The man pointed at the woman, explaining that he is taking care of  hundreds of COVID medical staffs suffering from food poisoning. And he would need to go out to ask for help. He said that he would call the district chief if she didn’t let them out. However, the female COVID medical staff still maintain a tough attitude and insist that she will not let them do it. She pointed to the banner and asked the man to look. The banner said: “No one can go out of the area.”

According to Chinese language media Xin Tang Ren, up to 100 anti-epidemic staff were poisoned after eating boxed lunches. The female COVID medical worker guarding the community said that since the man can not show a pass permit, so he and hundreds of COVID medical workers suffering from poisoned food could not leave the community for treatment. During the argument, the female security guard mocked that why the “Party volunteers” like him did not die in the community, thus making sacrifices to fight the pandemic.

As reported by Apollo News, after some concession, the poisoned medical workers were finally sent to the hospital to receive treatment.

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