Reinhard Bütikofer, a member of the delegation for Relations with China of the EU, announced on Dec. 6 that the EU had extended sanctions against Chinese officials for human rights violations until the end of 2022. This action, he said, contrasts with the CCP’s delusional belief that the EU will always succumb to Beijing.

According to Butikofer, China should accept reality, and the EU is willing to talk with China. However, when China refuses to collaborate, the EU will draw a clear line.

EU decided to extend penalties against individuals and entities responsible for significant human rights violations in countries worldwide until Dec. 8, 2022. On the sanctions list, there are 14 people and four companies.

In December 2020, the EU launched a global sanctions framework for human rights violations. In March of this year, it sanctioned Chen Mingguo, the Xinjiang Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau chief, and two local CCP officials Wang Mingshan and Wang Junzheng. Their assets were frozen, and they were prohibited from traveling. Zhu Hailun, the former Secretary of the Xinjiang Political and Legal Affairs Commission and the Xinjiang Construction and Manufacturing Corps’ Public Security Bureau were both sanctioned in the same way.

China then responded against the EU by punishing ten European Parliament and EU members, including Butikofer and four European institutions.

This week, Germany’s new government is set to take office. Annalena Bareback, the new German Foreign Minister, recently stated that as a member of the European Union, Germany would pursue strategic collaboration with democratic partners in the region to safeguard its principles and interests. Simultaneously, harsh postures are taken in opposition to the CCP’s authoritarianism and power expansion.

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