During the plenary meeting this week at headquarters in Strasbourg, France, the European Parliament adopted two resolutions on the annual implementation report of the EU’s “Common Foreign and Security Policy” (CFSP) and the EU’s “Common Security and Defense Policy” (CSDP) on Feb. 17.

Article 56 of the CFSP report specifically calls on the EU to “develop a more assertive, comprehensive and coherent EU-China strategy that unites all Member States and shapes relations with an increasingly assertive and interventionist China in the interest of the EU as a whole.”

It “emphasises that this strategy should promote a rules-based multilateral order, have the defense of EU values and interests at its core and should be based on the three principles of cooperating where possible, competing where needed, and confronting where necessary.”

It “calls for greater cooperation between democratic countries to address the growing assertiveness and repressiveness of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).”

The annual report also supports Taiwan’s participation as an observer in meetings, mechanisms, and activities of international organizations; urges the European Union to establish a partnership with Taiwan’s democratic government; and, for the first time, supports Taiwan and the European Union in initiating bilateral investment agreement consultations and other in-depth bilateral cooperation.

The CSDP resolution stated that the current global competition for power is hostility. It reaffirms the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

It also voices concerns over the security challenges in the Indo-Pacific region because of China’s continued military expansion operations. Finally, the report suggests the EU’s address of China’s increasingly belligerent behavior towards countries is problematic.

The EU’s response to the deteriorating security situation in the Indo-Pacific region and other regions is under the microscope.

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