At the 23rd EU-China Summit on Friday, April 1, the European Union reminded China of the losses of helping Russia in the Ukraine war.

According to The Guardian, it was made clear—during the video summit— that China’s decision to help Russia will cost its ties with European nations.

A diplomat said, “It’s pretty clear that if they help Russia in the way that they provide weapons, or help circumvent sanctions, this will open up all kinds of possibilities, not least in a very firm transatlantic alliance.”

As the Associated Press reported, China was as well reminded of the possible punitive sanctions on Chinese firms if they circumvent Western measures against Moscow. They reiterated that the EU accounts for 13.7% of China’s total commerce and 12% with the U.S., compared to just 2.4% with Russia.

They also underscored how the conflict in Ukraine has affected the world, including the availability of fertilizer, global energy resources, and food prices.
Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian echoed China’s opposition to Western nations’ financial sanctions on Moscow and peace talks advocation.

He stated that Beijing would not be forced to “choose a side or adopt a simplistic friend-or-foe approach. We should, in particular, resist the Cold War thinking and bloc confrontation.”

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