As reported by TVBS News, China’s draconian covid-19 measures have left many foreigners trapped in a dilemma. A few days ago, an American teacher Hudson living in Changchun, Jilin, finally returned to the U.S. after 65 days of strict lockdown.

Hudson has been teaching at the city’s high school for six years. Initially, she planned to fly back to the U.S. after quitting her job on March 8. However, Changchun was suddenly blocked due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

The American teacher tried many times to buy a 4-stops flight ticket. But the tickets were always canceled. She tried many routes to get out of China, like Shanghai-Beijing-U.S., or Shanghai-Guangdong-U.S. All were not feasible.

The teacher added that Chinese authorities said they let people go, but you couldn’t escape from here.

She said that during the lockdown, the water heater in her residence was broken and could not be fixed. Therefore, she must boil water in a frying pan to take a bath. Every day, she saw the crowds outside coming downstairs to get their nucleic acid test.

The authorities finally eased the restrictions on April 28. They allowed her to go out for 2 hours every three days to purchase necessities.

On May 11, Hudson finally flew from Changchun to Beijing for a connecting flight back to Los Angeles. She thinks she will leave for good and go back to California.

TVBS cited an April survey from a local platform in Hong Kong. The poll collected information from 950 foreigners living in Shanghai.

Nearly a half of foreigners want to leave within a year. 37% would wait until the epidemic is over before making a decision.

Among Shanghai foreigners who have left, 31% want to return to their home country, 22% and 12% desire to go to Europe and other Asian countries, respectively. The endless bans are not only unbearable for locals, but even foreigners want to choose to escape.

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