Recently, the COVID-19 epidemic broke out again in Anhui province, China, then spread to Nanjing city, Jiangsu province. Si County in the city of Suzhou is the worst-affected area. According to China New, all residents are confined to their homes, and those in charge of epidemic prevention are not allowed to return home. Vision Times reported that all teachers, students, and parents of the 4th elementary school in the fourth district were sent to Suzhou City and Xiao County for concentrated isolation.

According to NetEase, Anhui province found 24 asymptomatic COVID-19 cases from June 26 to June 28, breaking the record of 25 consecutive days without new cases. New cases were detected in Hefei, Huaibei, and Suzhou. Twenty-one new asymptomatic cases were detected in 3 days in Si Country, Suzhou city. From midnight on June 26 to 8:00 on June 29, 31 positive cases were found in Si Country, Suzhou city, Anhui province. Ten patients had tested positive on June 28 and were diagnosed with asymptomatic infections on June 29.

The COVID-19 epidemic in Si County, Anhui province, has spread to other regions. Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, has now been upgraded to a medium-risk area.

Local news in Nanjing said the current outbreak in Nanjing is due to the impact of the epidemic outbreak in Si County. As of 5 p.m. on June 28, four positive cases were found in the city, all of whom are family members of the positive case detected through nucleic acid testing in Si County.

Since June 29, Si County has been locked down, all residents are confined to their homes, and those in charge of epidemic prevention are not allowed to return home.

According to  Jiemian News, the WeChat account “Si County’s announcement” informed on June 29 that Si County is officially closed, controlled, and managed. It includes all apartment houses and residential areas “not missing a single household.” In addition, nucleic acid testing is required for all residents in the area. During the closure, residents are not allowed to “step out of their homes.”

In addition, all front-line staff (including agencies and authorities) in charge of epidemic prevention tasks are also not allowed to return home. Instead, they must stay at their workplace. Those who do not cooperate without a good reason, obstruct the epidemic prevention and control measures, or cause other serious consequences will be examined for corresponding legal liability.

Vision Time quoted information from the WikimBao account saying that on June 27, all teachers, students, and parents of the Primary School No. 4 in Si County were brought to Suzhou town and Xiao County for isolation. In the video, many buses are waiting for elementary students wearing white protective gear (at Primary School No. 4). One man said, “Now we will bring this group of students to Xiao County, which is very far away.”

The video also shows a “Notice of Temporary Holiday,” saying that schools at all levels in the county will be temporarily closed on June 28 and 29, and people are not allowed to go outside unless necessary and requires that students do not participate in any training off-campus.

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