On November 5, Jinhua city and Yueqing city, Zhejiang Province, sounded a drought emergency warning. Yueqing continued to issue a yellow drought warning signal. The city’s drought index is registering moderate to severe drought.

According to Yueqing’s water conservancy department, the normal water supply in the city can only be guaranteed for 55 days. The water supply in the urban area of ​​Jinhua City is less than 70 days.

Nanxi River is the source of water for Yueqing. However, the water level of the Nanxi River has dried up considerably since September. Two-thirds of the water fountains in Yueqing were closed.

There isn’t much rainfall in winter. Since November, the local reservoirs in Yueqing will hardly have any water.

Likewise, Jinhua city in central Zhejiang has been experiencing constant water shortages recently.

According to the meteorological department’s forecast, the drought in Jinhua will continue. Water shortage in the inner city is acute.

The deputy secretary of the Jinhua Emergency Management Bureau said that since June 26, the average precipitation in Jinhua has been more than 60% lower than in the same period last year. This year is the lowest for the same period on record.

According to the Zhejiang Meteorological Bureau, from October 31 to November 1, Zhejiang Province launched the most extensive artificial rainfall operation in years.

As of November 3, 158 artificial rain-enhancing bombs have been launched, causing moderate rain in the whole city of Wenzhou.

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