Extremely poor struggle to survive

Video shows how difficult life is for people less fortunate than others

One middle-aged man works as a porter at the construction site. Although his back gets burnt to the point his skin is peeling off, he still diligently attempts to finish his given tasks.

Another scene shows an elderly couple wandering the streets for a living on June 24 under the extreme heat of Henan. The older man walks slowly using a crutch, dragging a small wheelbarrow behind attached to a short wire. The older woman helps to push the wheelbarrow after him. It would take a long time to reach their destination at such a slow and painful pace.

In the video, hundreds of people have gathered at the corner of Suzhou, Jiangsu province. They are searching for a job. Suzhou has relaxed the anti-epidemic measures, and those from low-risk areas don’t need to be quarantined. Therefore, a wave of people with packed luggage and blankets are arriving to search for employment. Moreover, it is also graduation time, so many fresh graduates are on the way to hopefully gain employment. Most people here look like they are in their 20s. 

Out-of-control bus sinks in river in Shanghai

A video shows a bus running out of control, crashing into the river at around 10:47 am on June 28. Citizens say it is Huinan 1038. The bus first hits the sidewalk, knocking down some people, guardrails, and motorcycles. A man is chasing after the bus, trying to help, but he fails. Finally, the bus slides forward, falling into the river.

The bus driver is found unconscious, and one passenger says that the driver claimed to feel unwell at the previous stop.

The actual number of casualties is unknown.

BBQ restaurant explodes in Tianjin

A barbecue restaurant exploded and caught fire on June 25 in Jinnan, Tianjin. Some citizens said they heard two loud explosions. Six or seven fire trucks have come to the accident site.

A firefighter tries to stop a resident from filming and then asks why a resident is filming. 

The resident replies that he is from the media and wants to post it online.

However, the firefighter states the police on duty can be recorded, but under the “Sunshine Law Enforcement” videoing is not allowed.

The resident responds it is a shocking scene, with six stores on fire.

All stores were forced to change to pinyin signboards in Sichuan

A netizen uploaded a video showing how weird the signboards of stores in Chengdu, Sichuan were after they had been transformed into the pinyin version. She wonders who has come up with this bad idea. It is not easy for people, even foreigners. She thinks this is a kind of Martian language. She has called the 12345 Hotline to complain, but they reply they cannot solve the problem. She asks why people use this pinyin as Chinese.

In the end, she jokes that a person with this idea is a “talent” and absolutely “weird.”

Scene of e-bike explosion while being charged

A man can be seen relaxing at home when suddenly, the electric bicycle that had been charging in his living room explodes. He is panicking and trying to find a way to put out the fire but then slips and falls. When the explosion becomes more serious, he has no choice but to evacuate. The room is engulfed in flames and smoke, and the camera becomes dark. It is also gradually affected by the explosions.

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