As the real estate market is in crisis and shrinking, agencies are coming up with new ways to survive, although they could be highly questionable. 

Recently, job openings for “real estate agents” have been promoted on Chinese social media, highlighting the further decline of the property market. 

In addition to the standard job openings for real estate agents, some property firms advertise their positions with unconventional job descriptions. 

Surprisingly, a position at a real estate firm in Kunming, Yunnan, requires candidates to dress like the rich and act as a family member or a spouse of other agents.

Job openings for part-time positions in Guangdong require qualified candidates to be well-dressed and walk around the sales center, pretending to be customers and giving the impression that real estate sales are going well.

An undercover reporter contacted a real state agency in Guangzhou as a candidate for a part-time job as a “real estate agent.” They told him he could get 3 dollars for each property he visited and was required to visit about five properties daily.

After the company hired the undercover reporter, the agency told him that some properties require the agent to stay in the sales office for more than an hour, to show that they have many customers. It also helps the agent get better work participation and commission from the developer.

To support the troubled property market, the Chinese regime and local authorities in over 100 cities have reportedly taken several steps such as cutting mortgage rates, lifting residence restrictions, providing subsidies, and settling smaller down payments.

Even civil servants in Guangxi province have started selling houses as a part of their job. 

The National Bureau of Statistics of China released official data on June 15, stating that from January to May this year, China’s commercial housing sales area and sales volume fell by 23.6% and 31.5%, respectively. In addition, the new housing construction decreased by 30.6% in the first five months.

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