26-year-old Zeng Hanxiao from Guangyuan City, Sichuan, came in front of the U.S. consulate in Guangzhou and shouted “Down with the Communist Party” on April 9. Shortly after, the police approached and arrested him. Zeng filmed the whole process and forwarded the footage to another Chinese pro-democracy dissident, Wang Jingyu.

Wang posted the private message he received from Zeng on Twitter on April 9, informing Zeng’s arrest. Wang called Zeng an anti-communist hero and expressed his attribution towards him.

Zeng told the Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan on April 8 that the following day would be his last. He wanted to die in front of the U.S. consulate, a place that represented freedom.

Zeng was a pro-democracy Chinese citizen. He was known for his support of Wang Jingyu, another 26-year-old anti-CCP activist from Chongqing. The Chinese police had persecuted Wang for his public support for the Hong Kong democracy movements in 2019. Wang successfully fled to the Netherlands in July last year.

Zeng Hanxiao was arrested twice in September last year and January this year. The most recent arrest was on April 1. He told the news outlet that he was put into Guangyuan Detention Center, where a policewoman took off his clothes to humiliate him. During the five-day detention, Zeng accused that he was tortured and hanged while being handcuffed.

Coming back from the release, the alleged policewoman asked him to report his daily activities to her every day and the Public Security Bureau once a week.

He said that he intended to stay silent for a while. However, the local police broke into his house on April 7 and took his parents away after physically assaulting them. He recalled the police pulling his mother’s hair and slapping his father in the face.

After acknowledging the following day that his grandmother was sent to the intensive care unit, Zeng said that his life was meaningless. Before going to the U.S. consulate, he said he no longer wanted to live like an animal under the CCP’s abuse. He wanted to be brave and fight head-on.

At the same time, he also submitted his withdrawal from the regime’s Young Pioneers, an affiliated organization under CCP for children aged six to fourteen in China. By doing so, Zeng wanted to draw a clear line from the evil communist party and no longer be a part of it.

Zeng Hanxiao had realized the evil nature of the CCP since he was in high school. He had always been opposed to the dictatorial regime. But only in 2020, when he learned how to surpass the CCP-made firewall, did he find out the atrocities this regime had committed.

The young Sichuan man said he decided to overthrow the regime when he learned about its crime of harvesting organs from religious prisoners.

He also came to know Wang Jingyu when he joined Twitter in 2020 to support dissidents persecuted by the CCP and various pro-democracy movements. Zeng admired Wang, who was the same age as him, for how Wang stood against the CCP’s tyranny.

Both were among many persecuted pro-democracy Chinese activists. Under the ruling of the Chinese Communist Party, freedom of speech and beliefs and other human rights have been severely oppressed. However, voices against the totalitarian regime have been raised across the country. According to the Global service center for quitting the CCP, over 390 million Chinese nationals from China and overseas have declared their withdrawal from the party and its affiliated organizations.

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