On November 16, the China Earthquake Network reported an earthquake in Heilongjiang with a focal depth of 600 kilometers. While in Sichuan, one of magnitude 1 occurred in Huili City, Liangshan Prefecture, with a focal depth of 16 kilometers.

The China Earthquake Network reported a magnitude 4.5 earthquake in Muling town, Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang. The focal depth was 600 kilometers.

Some locals left messages saying they had not felt anything, and some said it was the first time Mudanjiang had an earthquake.

On the same day, a magnitude 4.3 earthquake also occurred in Huili town, Liangshan, Sichuan, with a focal depth of 16 kilometers.

Sichuan netizens expressed that they felt the earthquake clearly in Panzhihua, Huili and Huidong.

According to the Epoch Times, many locals were terrified due to the sudden quake. “My hands and feet were shaking as I walked down the stairs, and the windows were shaking. I was terrified, it felt like the building was shaking from side to side.”

Meanwhile, there are no reports of casualties due to the earthquakes in both provinces.

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