Renowned Hacker group Anonymous has warned China “not try anything stupid against Taiwan” in the wake of the war in Ukraine.

The decentralized international hacker group hacked into the Chengdu Chinese Communist Party (CCP) website on May 2 to show its threat.

The hacked page shows a meme with the slogan “Taiwan Numbah Wan!” amid rising concern for a potential attack by China on Taiwan during the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

This famous quote “Taiwan Numbah Wan!” originates from video game streamer “AngryPug.” Back in 2015, AngryPug mocked Chinese streamer “Em0” during a match in the game “H1Z1.”

Also, there’s a photo of a person wearing a black hoodie and a Guy Fawkes mask, along the logo of the Anonymous group.

The hackers have also threatened to destroy the computer systems of China’s aircraft carrier Liaoning. The group says the strategic naval ship could end up like the quote and quote “another Zhemchug.” Zhemchug was a Russian warship that was defeated by the German and sunk in World War I.

The group mentioned one of is hacker named Cyber Anakin. Cyber Anakin has hacked the Chinese computer system. He has also left a souvenir to the regime.

The defaced page also shows flags of Tibet, Taiwan, East Turkestan in Xinjiang and Southern Mongolia. The Chinese regime claims that these regions belong to China’s territory.

The hackers also accused the Chinese regime for turning Covid-19 into a global pandemic.

Anonymous lays out three requests to the Chinese regime. One of them is to actively stop Russia from invading Ukraine.

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