According to a statement issued by the Department of Defense on Tuesday, March 1, Russia and China are attempting to expand their military influence regionally and globally. For example, Moscow has invaded Ukraine, and Beijing is trying to seize control of Taiwan.

Mara Karlin, assistant secretary of defense for strategy, plans, and capabilities, said, “The United States is at a pivotal moment with our allies and partners in meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow,” referencing Russia and China. 
She added: “Security cooperation is an important tool that helps key allies and partners strengthen their defense and enhances our ability to rely on one another in a time of need.”

According to Karlin, the upcoming National Defense Strategy will highlight how the department will strengthen these alliances and partnerships to advance national security through integrated deterrence.

Karlin stated that the United States has been strengthening its ties with India, Australia, Japan, and Southeast Asian countrie in Asias.

Referring to the Taiwan Relations Act, she said, “Our support for Taiwan is rock solid,” adding that the U.S. has provided them with $18 billion in security assistance and will continue to ensure they have the necessary asymmetric defense capabilities.

Previously, a delegation of former senior U.S. defense and security officials, led by former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike Mullen, visited Taipei on Tuesday, March 1.

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