On November 8, netizens hotly debated a video of a conflict between adults after children at a kindergarten were fighting. A man in Nanjing, Jiangsu, slapped a 5-year-old child and pushed an older adult to the floor, causing injury.

According to the video, a man went with his wife and child to a neighbor’s house to ask for their child to admit hitting his son, because the children of the two families had been fighting at kindergarten. He began reprimanding the neighbor’s child and suddenly slapped the child. The child became scared and began to cry.

The child’s grandfather was originally apologetic. However, he stood up to defend his grandson and argued with the man when he saw his grandson attacked. During the argument between the two, grandpa picked up the stool and tried to hit the man, but during the altercation he was pushed to the ground, breaking his right leg.

The child’s grandmother said that the young boy was traumatized by the incident and cried all night. The boy’s mother called the police, who are now investigating the incident.

It is reported that the person who beat the child is Dr. Lu, an orthopedic surgeon at the Eastern War Zone Hospital of the Chinese government.

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