Chinese tabloid Global Times reported on June 7 that divorce registrations have risen in Shanghai after unblocking. The main reason is due to the backlog of cases.

Since appointment dates are already reserved through July, booking a divorce registration has become difficult. 

It is said that close proximity between family members does not always imply more intimate relationships. Moreover, it is likely to brew up tensions in a confined space during the strict lockdown, leading to more marital breakups.

According to some divorce registration offices, the current spike in service reservations mainly comes from the backlog of divorce cases that accumulated as service was under suspension amid lockdown.

Presently, the marriage registration centers in Shanghai are processing the appointment registration of marriage and divorce before the epidemic. Combined with the requirements of anti-epidemic measures, the flow of on-site visitors is restricted, and therefore, it is expected to prolong the waiting time for registration further.

Zhu Qinhao, director-general of the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, says that in the first five months of 2022, nearly 50,000 marriages were registered, including more than 33,000 marriages and just above 16,000 divorces. He comments that there was no such thing as the legendary explosion of divorce registrations. 

A similar situation has also occurred in the marriage registration centers in other districts nationwide.

Relevant personnel of the Xuhui District Marriage Registration Center said that not only are people anxious for divorce, but also for getting married.

Nikkei Asia shows that since 2013, China’s marriage rate has been gradually falling. Chinese youngsters tend to see wedlock as a financial padlock.

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