Shanghai health workers have been entering residents’ homes to spray disinfectant. This practice follows China’s rigorous “Zero-Covid” policy to curb the pandemic at all costs. Most recently, many areas in Shanghai have seen a large number of chlorine-containing disinfectant tablets. As a result, people and animals are now suffering symptoms of poisoning.

On May 13, a Weibo post from a resident living in Nanxin Liucun Bianmen in Shanghai shows that disinfectant tablets are scattered everywhere on the street in the residential community. The post owner also said he had a headache, sore throat, and piercing eyes. He added that even mice ran out of the hole, and cats ran into trees. Even though he didn’t open the doors and windows, the room had the same smell as disinfectant tablets. As for those who live on the ground floor of the building, he stated that the situation could be worse.

Epidemic prevention staff are seen opening the sewer cover and placing disinfection tablets inside.

As Taiwanese media news outlet UDN reported on May 14 that the Beicai (北蔡) town government apologized to the residents. They stated that the disinfection and sterilization measures were not scientific enough.

Accordingly, rainwater was planned to be used to dilute disinfectant tablets on roads and sewers. However, the small amount of rain resulted in the spread of an unpleasant smell.

Shanghai has just upgraded its Covid-19 prevention and control measures. Authorities ordered residents to be quarantined in the past few days if their neighbors tested positive for COVID. Such policy has sparked public outrage.

After being transferred to quarantine facilities, the health workers will come to their houses and spray disinfectant to eliminate Covid.

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