Frustration is building up strong as Shanghai residents start contending with each other on another day of lockdown. This time, while access to food and medicine remain scarce, tension rises toward Covid-positive residents.

As Reuters reported, a woman was upset because she was forced into the city’s quarantine center after a neighbor told the authorities she tested positive for the virus. At the site, she was confirmed non-infected.

One U.S. citizen shared her experience as her block shares Covid-testing results on Wechat message groups. She said, “In the group chats, they were saying things like, ‘oh are the positive people still here, are the positive people still here?’.”

The news media said that older folks tend to be those who would try to get rid of Covid-positive neighbors the instant they learn about it. This group is also more prone to coronavirus.

A person said, “Because of the media’s exaggeration about the disease, and since old people have weaker immune systems, they are more afraid of the virus than young people.”

There is another case of a foreign resident who goes by the name of Alexy. Neighbors doubted that he got Covid-19 when his test result failed to upload to his health app. So his building’s management tried to cut his family’s food supply unless they showed their home test results to the community. Several Shanghai residents have said that this kind of request violates privacy but is nevertheless very common.

Alexy said, “They have no guidelines and CDC (Center for Disease Control) services are overwhelmed. They felt invested with the most important mission of their life, being able to play doctor, policeman, and judge at the same time.”

Another foreign resident who got Covid said the authorities allowed her to remain at her apartment instead of going to the isolation site. Her neighbors were not satisfied with this. They asked her to leave and tried to kick her off group grocery orders, even telling her to apologize for testing positive.

She also faced online furry from the neighbors, who would use names or spread unfounded rumors about her mental health. The person received no help from the residential committee.

She recalled her neighbors telling other residents to pressure her to get out. She said that she would move out as soon as possible.

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