Under the CCP’s strict “Zero-covid” anti-epidemic policy, major cities with tens of millions of people are regularly locked down, and all production and community activities are halted. This situation is causing Chinese people to constantly cry out about their suffering and accelerates the wave of overseas migration. As a result, many people are trying to escape from China, especially those from the elite. Therefore, the act of selling a house at a surprisingly low price by the famous director Zhang Yimou became the focus of people’s attention, reaching the top of Weibo’s search.

On July 11, a screenshot went viral on mainland social media claiming that director Zhang Yimou had put his villa in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, up for sale for $4.5 million, leading to lively discussions. The incident topped Weibo’s hot search list that night, with many netizens speculating whether Zhang Yimou also wanted to move abroad.

According to Sohu, Wuxi real estate agent Li Yue revealed to a reporter of Times Weekly that Mr. Zhang’s villa located in Huxi Shanzuang, Wuxi city was listed at $5.2 million. Still, due to urgent need to sell, the starting price could be $4.5 million.

The Times Weekly reporter asked (for) Zhuge.com’s housing data and learned that the transaction of buying and selling old houses in the Huxi Shanzuang area where Zhang’s home is located is about $9,000/m2, and the average total price of a house ranges from $6 to $9 million. If sold at the original purchase price of the old house, the unit price per m2 of the villa has nearly tripled. Therefore, the price of $4.5 to $5.2 million for Mr. Zhang’s home is too low compared to the market valuation.

Previously, it was reported that Mr. Zhang’s villa was registered as villa number 100 Huxi Shanzuang (The beauty of the mountains reflected beautifully on the lake surface), which his wife’s parents currently occupy. The mansion has a total area of ​​more than 1000 m2, and the housing area is 721 m2. It has two floors above ground and one underground floor, and the outside was built in European palace style.

According to Sound of Hope, a realtor said the seller asked him to only look at the house, not take pictures or videos. In addition, the realtor revealed that every time he came to see the house, Mr. Zhang’s father-in-law opened the door.

Zhang Yimou’s luxury villa selling for a low price has sparked lively discussions in public opinion. Some netizens speculated that maybe because he had no money to make a movie, the quick sale of the villa for a low price was to prepare a budget. Some people think China’s epidemic prevention measures are stringent, and many celebrities have decided to move abroad. Zhang Yimou may also want to move.

The news that Mr. Zhang Yimou sold his luxury villa immediately topped Weibo’s hot search list on July 11, with more than 110 million views. Mr. Zhang Yimou’s wife, Chen Ting, hurriedly explained that “the house in Wuxi does not need to be sold urgently, just inquired first.” She also explained the reason for selling the house: “My parents are getting older day by day, so I want to bring my parents over (the couple’s own house) to live together for convenience to easily take care of them.”

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