There are many differences when Chinese media reports the war between Russia and Ukraine. As a result, the Chinese people see a war that is entirely different from what Westerners see.

Hours after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, China News released a video claiming that many Ukrainian soldiers had laid down their weapons.
The Bloomberg and WSJ media, on the other hand, portrayed the Ukrainian army’s resistance to Russian forces for days. Some Ukrainian soldiers sacrificed their lives by blowing up bridges just to stop Russian combat vehicles from advancing. Some Ukrainian warriors returned from abroad to fight to protect their homes.

On February 26, CCTV reported that Ukrainian President Zelensky had fled Kyiv.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky then posted a video of him in downtown Kyiv on February 26, saying, “There’s a lot of fake news that I’m calling on the army to put down its arms and evacuate. Here’s how it is: I’m here. We are not putting down any arms,”

He added, “We will protect our country because our weapons are our truth. The truth is that this is our land, our country, our children, and we will protect them all. That is it. That’s what I wanted to tell you. Glory to Ukraine.”

According to New York Times, Chinese state media described the Russian invasion of Ukraine as an anti-fascist war. After Russia’s defense minister announced this week that it would host the first international anti-fascist conference in August, China’s CCTV published a brief report and then created a related hashtag on Weibo. The hashtag has been hit 650 million times in 24 hours and used by 90 media outlets. Many commentators refer to Ukraine and the United States as fascist countries.

Chinese media also spread Russian information that Ukraine uses civilians as human shields.

Recently, a popular topic on Chinese social media stated that Russians were tortured like “German Nazi acts.”

Overall, Chinese netizens are seeing a very different war from much of the world.

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