The funeral organizers of former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ‘s general secretary Jiang Zemin have announced that there will be no farewell ceremony for Jiang’s body.

According to Vision Times, this decision breaks the CCP’s tradition because the previous funerals of the top leaders all have a farewell ceremony for the body.

There is an opinion that because Jiang died long before the CCP announced, his body has become very ugly, so CCP was forced to skip the ritual. This opinion caused netizens to discuss the time of Jiang’s death.

Some netizens believed that CCP intentionally chose to time the announcement of Jiang’s death on Nov 30, coinciding with the “White Paper movement” protesting against CCP’s zero-covid policy that was surging the peak across China.

This way, the CCP can distract all people from the protests that affect their leadership in China.

Observers say some points indicate that Jiang died before Nov 30.

Qing Feng is the granddaughter of Li Zhaoxing, the former foreign minister of China’s regime. Currently, Qing is a reporter for Hong Kong Television.

On Nov 13, Qin posted a message alluding to Jiang’s death on Weibo. After the CCP’s propaganda machine announced Jiang’s death, Qing retweeted the old message to affirm that she knew Jiang was dead.

Also, on the 13th, Baidu announced that it needs to prepare for the transfer of all content on this application to black-and-white. Netizens then assumed that this had something related to the death of a certain high-ranking CCP figure.

A media person named Wang Bo told VOA that Jiang might be clinically dead by CCP’s 20th Congress.

The CCP did not want Jiang’s death to affect Xi Jinping’s coronation, so Jiang’s body reportedly lay there until the time was right.

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