The political and economic conflicts between China and the U.S. are ongoing, but Chinese consumers’ interest in iPhones is deepening.

Apple Insider reported on December 1 that one in four smartphones sold in China during October 2022 was an iPhone, making it become the #1 OEM in the nation for the second consecutive month. While the sales for other key OEMs dropped in October, Apple grew 21% month-on-month. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is the country’s best-selling device. These figures also marked Apple’s highest-ever monthly market share in China.  

It was only in 2019 that Tim Cook warned of low iPhone business performance in China. Since then, however, the iPhone has gradually grown, Apple has occasionally been China’s top smartphone brand, and more than 50% of all phones in the 2022 6:18 festival event were iPhones.

Chinese economic media Zitong Chaijing explained the situation that Apple sales increased while other mobile phone makers experienced a downward trend. It seems that the iPhone 14 series, which was released on September 16, became popular, and the ‘Singers’ Day’ shopping festival at the end of October has contributed to this positive performance.

China is inherently partial toward patriotic consumption, which frequently engages in boycotts on issues related to its own interests.

Chinese consumers boycotted the Swedish fashion brand H&M last year when it responded critically to human rights issues in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. 

Chinese media also mentioned the case of Huawei – an Apple competitor in the premium smartphone market. While Huawei struggled under U.S. sanctions, Apple was enjoying the benefits.

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