According to the RFA, after China’s regime imposed the National security law on Hong Kong, up to now, there has been a wave of migration from the island abroad, mainly to the U.K and Taiwan.

Specifically, there were 110.000 Hong Kong people immigrating abroad in the first half of this year. Some Hong Kong people who immigrated to the U.K say that they ran away because Hong Kong is a dangerous land.

Some Hong Kong people who immigrated to Taiwan said that they knew Taiwan was at risk of war, but they still came because Hong Kong has been even scarier since its freedom was taken away by the China Communist Party.

Among those who fled from Hong Kong was Chan’s family. She told RFA that during the 2019 protest movement, she witnessed thugs attack protesters.

During the protests in Hong Kong, many Hong Kong or China security officers allegedly posed as thugs to attack protesters. There are also reports that Hong Kong security has hired thugs to attack pro-democracy activists.

Since then, Chan harbored the idea of running away from Hong Kong because she thought she could not continue living on the island whose civilization was being destroyed.

Chen shared that leaving Hong Kong was a difficult decision for her. Because she had to give up her career and separate from her family and friends in Hong Kong. But she is forced to leave because things on the island have turned out worse than she imagined.

Chen added that she and other people left without looking back because they knew that the once proud Hong Kong was gone.

Meanwhile, Zheng also left Hong Kong, and his destination is Taiwan. His family and friends advised him not to go migrate to Taiwan, especially after Speaker of the U.S House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island.

However, Zheng still did follow his decision because he believed that in Taiwan, people could criticize President Tsai Ing-wen or the Chinese Nationalist Party KMT without fear of retaliation. But in Hong Kong, since the new National Security Law applied, people will be arrested if doing the same thing.

RFA cited statistics from the Taiwan Immigration Department reporting that more than 4,300 Hong Kong residents have obtained a residence or settlement permit in Taiwan in the past six months.

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