The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ‘s general secretary Xi Jinping has appointed General He Weidong as Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission.

He Weidong was born in Nanping, Fujian. He served as Xi’s subordinate when he worked in Fujian.

He Weidong has long worked in localities next to Taiwan. Such as he used to be the Commander of the Shanghai Garrison and the Jiangsu Military District.

More remarkable, this general, 65, was once the Commander of the Eastern Theater Command and was in charge of Taiwan affairs.

Da Ji Yuan reported that Xi Jinping had bypassed some regulations to promote He Weidong, who didn’t have the required qualifications as a former member of the Central Military Commission or at least an alternate member of the CCP’s Central Committee.

In addition, Xi has decided to retain the elderly general Zhang Youxia, aged 72, as the first Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission.

Zhang has a lot of experience dealing with Taiwan issues because he previously worked in the Xiamen Military Region in Fujian province, which is opposite the island the CCP is trying to annex.

Zhang Youxia is also said to have a close relationship with Xi, as Zhang’s father was a friend of Xi’s father.

The retention of Zhang and the appointment of He Weidong to two key positions is a sign that the CCP in Xi’s third term will increase pressure on Taiwan, and worries about an invasion of this island in the near future are well-founded.

This is also reinforced by information from Oriana Skylar Mastro, a Spogli Institute for International Studies researcher.
Mastro told Bloomberg that there was speculation that He Weidong was planning unprecedented military exercises against Taiwan.

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