There have been four recent outbreaks in Henan, including one that occurred in the high schools there.

According to The Epoch Times China, parents reported that since the beginning of the month, when new cases were only sporadic, the Chinese Communist Party locked down many districts in Henan. As a result, primary and secondary schools are all closed. Only high schools were functioning, but students and teachers must stay at school and could not go home.

Parents said that when the pandemic broke out in some schools, a large number of students in the school were isolated. The conditions at the quarantine points are deplorable. The positive and negative cases all stay in the same room.

Schools move students to quarantine at different locations without notifying the parents. As a result, parents don’t know where their children are to send them food, support, and necessities. Worried and disgruntled parents are calling on schools to send the children with negative test results back home to be isolated with their own families.

Li Mei (pseudonym), a parent of a Yanling District No. 1 High School student, told The Epoch Times China on November 2 that her child had a fever of 39 degrees Celsius twice in a row for four days.

“There are 8 students in one dormitory room, all of them have fevers. One of them is 40℃ and was pulled away by the emergency ambulance. I know that there are more than 1,000 confirmed cases in the school. We still receive reports of zero confirmed cases there. There should be 12,000 (confirmed cases) in the county now.”

Yanling County has been closed for two weeks. During this time, the school sent some students who showed symptoms of COVID home. 

Then many students all tested positive for COVID and were taken to isolation.

From October 24, the school locked down all 2nd and 3rd-year students, including Li Mei’s children.

Li Mei said, “From the previous day (October 31) to today (November 2), my child’s nucleic acid (test result) has not come out. He doesn’t have a phone. There is a child in the dormitory who has a phone. The classmates use this phone to contact their parents.”

According to Li, a lot of mineral water was piled up in front of the isolation point but still needs to be delivered, and the problem of drinking water for isolated students has not been solved for days. 

She said: “Eat dumplings with garlic, scallions, and cucumbers. It’s cold but (they) let the children eat those … Three meals can fill the stomach, but the nutrition is not enough.”

Li Mei added that there needs to be more personnel at the quarantine point. The students said they did not see a doctor or a volunteer. She affirmed that more than the number of doctors in a district would be needed to meet the needs of thousands of students.

“Parents are all asking to be volunteers, but the county won’t allow it, possibly because they’re afraid the parents will reveal the truth. So now they are betting on the lives of these children.”

Liu Fang (pseudonym) is another parent whose children attend Bo’ai No.1 High School in Jiaozuo. Between six and seven thousand students are attending Boai No.1. Liu Fang said there was an outbreak in the school on October 23, but the parents were not notified. By noon on the 30th, the school said there were only two positive cases.

“What the school says is wrong. The kids tell me that the school is now the second Foxconn, so don’t believe what the teachers say.” Liu’s two children are in their second and third high school years.

She worries, “The children brought clothes when they went to school on October 2. Now many children still have half-sleeved, thin clothes and thin quilts, and parents are not allowed to send clothes.”

According to Liu, the epidemic situation in the Bo’ai district is dire. The entrance to her community has been locked with thick iron wire since October 7. No one is allowed out.

Some netizens have re-posted a screenshot of a long article about the epidemic situation at the Bo’ai No. 1 Middle School.

According to The Epoch Times, similar reports have also come from Yu Cheng District High School parents, with 4000-5000 children currently locked in the school.

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