Recently, at a pandemic control checkpoint in Baoding city, Hebei province, a man driving a car and holding a kitchen knife confronted security and anti-pandemic staff. He drove through the pandemic control checkpoint, only to be arrested by police. This action received many people’s sympathy. Even a netizen angrily said: “The CCP is extremely inhumane!”

According to “Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch,” on October 31, the entire Chinese internet circulated the news of a desperate young father in Baoding City, Hebei. When attempting to buy powdered milk for his child, he recklessly took a kitchen knife and told the anti-pandemic staff: “I tell you, in a special situation, my son is in urgent need of milk right now, I’m not ignorant, but I’ve been waiting a long time.”

After that, the brave man crossed the pandemic prevention checkpoint, but dozens of police were waiting to arrest him. Vision Times shared some comments from netizens at home and abroad, who, after watching the video, were worried whether the baby had powdered milk yet.

Twitter account @LinShengliang tweeted: “The father breaking through the fence to buy milk powder for his child did not arouse the sympathy of the emotionless people there, on the contrary, he was taken away. A rogue government drowns even a child. Any light of justice, love and humanity is a thorn in their eyes.”

Netizen @wangxiaoshan posted a video showing the young father in a locked-down area breaking through the checkpoint to buy milk powder but being caught by the police. Over a dozen special police officers waited at the checkpoint gate, and he was arrested and handcuffed. Then, the police sprayed disinfectant on his face and body in a shocking arrest.

The article mentioned the “young father incident” but did not explain the situation to relevant departments, including the residential area, local authorities, and pandemic prevention and control departments. Whereas propaganda such as “Enthusiastic, humane people who make people happy by helping them,” or “Dabai (anti-pandemic staff), Party members, police, enthusiastic residents, community cadres—constantly giving sacrifices”—that we often see in the daily news.

The article mentioned that no one approves of the young father’s knife-wielding behavior, but as a father, as a man, he is admirable.

In response to this issue, many netizens expressed their anger.

Vision Times quoted some netizens’ comments as follows:

“This is fascism!”; “There is no humanity at all, just the smell of scum.”

“The CCP and its minions are not really human.”

“It’s inhumane. The CCP really has no humanity.”

“As a person inside the ‘wall’, I feel very desperate, the Chinese regime has made its own rule, a group of people arrest a person buying milk. The behavior of the slaves in this regime are truly appalling.'”

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