Chongqing is a city located in the Southwestern province of Sichuan. Recently, it recorded hundreds of COVID cases daily, with confirmed cases reaching more than two thousand. 

Under China’s strict “zero-COVID” policy, a pregnant woman in Chongqing had a miscarriage after being denied immediate transport to the hospital. Her case is being investigated.

Videos show a staff member talking to a woman and a man in the Jiulongpo District, Chongqing City. Many residents from the area gather outside the door to watch the case. They questioned the community staff. 

Ms. Chen is a resident of the community. She told journalists that the video posted online was of a resident in the community asking for an explanation. Ms. Chen said that at about 7 a.m. last Saturday, November 12, the pregnant woman who lived in the community became unwell. She posted a message in the Wechat group claiming that the property management and the community did not take enough responsibility. They would not allow her to leave for the hospital, citing COVID measures.

At last, only under the strong request of many residents, the woman was allowed to go to the hospital by borrowing a resident’s car. But, unfortunately, the time of the woman’s first request to leave until she could go to the hospital was a dreadful four-hour wait. By that afternoon, the woman was told that her child would not survive.

According to Ms. Chen, this is not the first time COVID measures have caused a pregnant woman in the neighborhood to lose her baby. In August, another pregnant woman in the same community was taken to the hospital very late due to COVID measures. Because the treatment was delayed for too long, the woman lost her baby.
Health officials said her case was put up for investigation.

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