As we can see in the video, Chinese locals are rushing to buy lemons to boost their immune systems against COVID. The demand for lemons has thus surged in China.

Liu,  a resident from Sichuan, said that the price of lemons tripled to 6 yuan (90 cents) for 500 grams, from 2 or 3 yuan (30 to 40 cents) per kilo. 

Wen, another farmer, claims his sales have skyrocketed, reaching 20 to 30 tons a day over the past week in response to Bloomberg’s interview. He said that the market was very much on fire.

This is surprising. Before, the sales of lemons at Wen’s farm were only 5 or 6 tons daily.

Let’s discover whether Vitamin C can effectively be used as a COVID supplemental treatment. 

The National Institute of Health (NIH) released a report on Vitamin C’s efficacy in COVID treatment and case studies  in September. It says, “Overall, the study found no differences between the arms for the outcomes of mortality, duration of mechanical ventilation, or changes in median sequential organ failure assessment (SOFA) scores.” According to Bloomberg, there is insufficient evidence to support the use of vitamin C to treat or prevent Covid.

People are rushing to buy vitamin C-rich foods to enhance their immunity. The surge in demand comes from cities like Beijing and Shanghai.

One remarkable reason is the shortage of medication treatments and overloaded hospital capacity as the government eases the COVID measures. Medical clinics have been overwhelmed by the influx of patients and have run out of medication.According to Bloomberg, it’s an example of how an unprepared public is being forced to deal with the government’s sudden move to shift away from the Covid Zero policies.

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