A retired general has called on the U.S. government to send an ultimatum to its allies, asking them to decouple from China.

Robert Spalding is a retired U.S. Air Force brigadier general and now serves as a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, focusing on U.S.–China relations and economic and national security.

In an interview with a U.S.-based news outlet last week, Spalding said that America needs to ask its allies to join forces to decouple from China.

The general said: “We need to tell them [U.S. allies], give them an ultimatum: ‘You can have an economic relationship with China, you can have a security relationship with us, [but] you’re not going to have both anymore.”

Spalding said that the U.S. could lose some of its allies with this action, but it was much better for the Americans to find their true friends.

It would also help to ensure that the U.S. is not sending technology, talent, and capital into China to grow its economy and military might.

Spalding added that this was the only way that the U.S. could really compete with the communist regime.

The retired brigadier general said the U.S. needs to galvanize a political will to decouple from China and defend itself.

In August, the Institute for Economic Research—a German think tank—released a study. It pointed out that Beijing will become the biggest loser if the West fully decouples from China.

The study shows that China’s gross domestic product will decrease by 1.4% if the West unilaterally decouples.

And if the two sides decouple, China’s GDP will decrease by as much as 2.27%.

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